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The art, craft, science and mystery of electric propulsion

At one level Re-Voltage may look like a light hearted exercise with electric vehicles - a sort of Having Fun With Electricity for the 21st century. On another level, though, its a serious research and development project. Electric vehicles are the future and electric bicycles are ideal testbeds for new ideas and designs.

My name is Nick Long; I've got an extensive background in electronics design, technical regulations and standards, aviation and racing hovercraft. I'm trying to bring some of that expertise to bear on the problems of electric transportation.

Bicycles are fun for other reasons too. Very few people seem to understand the exact mathematics and physics of the way they operate, despite that fact that motorcycles have been racing for ages. I found this when I put the Red Bike together - as well as approving nods from some it attracted a series of comments from others that I was doing it all wrong. I'm quite used to people telling me I've got the maths wrong. I generally don't bother to argue too much - I let the race results do that.

The name Re-Voltage came from one of the first projects, a DC-DC Step Up Converter. I'd calculated that it was better to overvolt a small motor than to run a big motor below its design speed.

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