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Ideal Diodes - High Current Version

90 V   30 A


A new design of the Ideal Diodes with higher current capability is now available.

When combining battery packs it is often necessary to use diodes to prevent cross current flow. If the batteries are different type or different state of charge, there can be a voltage difference. When they are connected in parallel, even a small voltage difference can result in a large current flowing from one to the other.

Protection diodes are not needed if the voltages are always equal - if the batteries are permanently connected and charged and discharged together, or if the protection is already provided by other means - such as a particular type of BMS. Otherwise diodes are needed.

Conventional diodes have a voltage drop which loses power and generates heat. The temperature rise at a few amps can be alarming. Schottky diodes have a smaller voltage drop, but still need large heatsinks to carry useful current. This module uses a FET and a control circuit to create the Ideal Diode characteristic - nearly zero forward voltage drop.


  • Battery combining systems
  • Back up power supplies
  • Battery charging systems
  • Solar PV cell arrays
  • Battery/PSU isolators
  • Electric vehicles
  • RV and Boat electric systems

December 2022: ID80V3 Production batch finished

March 2016: The new version ID80V3 is now available

ID80V3 Datasheet (pdf 300 kB)

ID80V2 Datasheet (for reference, device no longer available)

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