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The Red Bike

Some details of the Re-Voltage Red Bike, the bike that made a clean sweep of the Tour de Presteigne races in 2009

Top up charge

Taking a quick charge (25 Amps) between the races - Photo: Mel Chave

The Red Bike was actually built in less than 5 days, from the Sunday morning to the Thursday evening just before the Tour.

welded frame

It started with a steel frame that was modified to take the battery holders and mounting points for the controller.

Of course, there was a lot of design work and calculations before the 5 days of assembly. The goal was to create a machine that would have exceptional handling qualities, and be able to blend the power from both man and motor. Neither the conventional wisdom for electric bikes nor the conventional wisdon for road bikes was appropriate.

    Brief specifications:

  • Crystalyte 406 rear hub motor
  • Crystalyte Controller
  • 6 speed freewheel
  • Triple chainring
  • V brakes
  • Left hand thumb throttle
  • Right hand gear trigger shifter
  • Marathon Supreme 2.0 tyres
  • 26" wheels
  • Cycle Analyst instrumentation
  • Re-Voltage restrictor circuit for on-road use

Batteries are Headway Lithium Iron Phosphate cells, built into packs and fitted with our own low voltage monitor circuit